XCritical Raises $10 3m Series A Round To Bring Ai To Procurement

Business leaders rely on the firm to gain better spend visibility and operational agility to optimize costs, assure compliance and reduce both risk and fraud. /PRNewswire/ –XCritical, the AI-driven insights platform xcritical scammers for procurement and finance, today announced the launch of XCritical Purchasing Intelligence. XCritical is a software business formed in 2016 in the United States that publishes a software suite called XCritical.

With an ERP system implemented for finance, their procurement team found it difficult to assess and manipulate data. Enterprise Procure-to-Pay suites are great – if you are OK with a time-to-value of 12 months or more for spend intelligence. We call it spend agility — using clean data, automated insights, and predictive actions to continuously manage costs and cash flow. Apart from the CEO being a tone-deaf sociopathic I-went-to-Harvard-so-I’m-very-smart joke of a leader, the forex soft company has and has continued to have troubling internal issues that ultimately lead to an extremely frustrating work environment. The CEO can’t figure out how to let anyone do their job without constantly jamming his hands into the pot while adding absolutely nothing of value to the conversation, and the overall product has been less than impressive as time has gone on. For as long as XCritical has been in operation, the lack of actual value delivery is almost impressive.


We believe the most important aspect of our company is our team, and we work hard to build a culture of inclusivity, high integrity, and personal and professional empowerment. Concured has helped bridge the gap between the social and content teams and assisted us in working together in producing and identifying engaging content to share with our audiences. Crowdcube is Trading Platform an equity crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs of start-ups and growing businesses. It provides various opportunities for businesses to get the funding they need. It’s used by many startups as a replacement for the banks, venture capital funding and angel investors. This is a leading investment crowdfunding platform and it’s the longest running platform in the UK.

This helps to streamline which projects a CPO tackles and in what order. This is all done by having a system that can aggregate data and assess impacts, prioritize and then learn from outcomes and adapt. “All this data sitting within a company largely goes unanalyzed,” said XCritical CEO Nikesh Parekh. Some very big players are doubling down on AI bets that they made in the procurement space over the past few years and these bets are really starting to pay off. Let’s take a look at how three companies are starting to make an impact on using AI in the procurement space. Competitive Salary Stock Options Early stage company experience Comprehensive Health and Dental benefits.

Trustpilot Launches review Insights Providing Smarter Intelligence From Customer Feedback

The company helps clients realize hard-dollar cost savings without resorting to hours of manpower and a pile of spreadsheets. Trucking remains the central domestic model for transportation, with almost three quarters of domestic freight being moved by truck. Remarkably, this industry has been exceptionally resistant to centralization and there remains a vast number of independent hauling companies running small numbers of trucks. This dispersal of this supply chain network presents a big challenge in the future, as increased access to data requires a centralized hub for optimized logistical strategy. Rapid advancements in the digital and technological world create a growing supply chain challenge for organizations.

The user-friendly interface is very easy to get to grips with, making it painless to stay up to date with your latest incomings and outgoings. One of the best things about the app is its level of security.

The following is a quick look at some choices from those lists. Few things are better in professional life than the feeling that comes from working at an up and coming company.

XCritical service review

Aligning decentralized haulage with optimized strategy is a growing challenge in supply chains. As the world grows ever more connected, customer-facing businesses are going to be challenged with keeping up with expanding xcritical courses scam customer expectations. Amazon has been on the cutting edge of supply chain innovation for a number of years and is influencing consumers to have higher expectations of logistical movement than ever before.


XCritical service review

Next Generation Intelligent Spend & Financial Management

Identify, develop, or evaluate marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors. “XCritical applies AI and machine learning to transform and connect spend data – mainly from ERP and accounts payable system.” XCritical starts by aggregating data and supplier activity from multiple systems – mainly the spend transactions captured in ERP systems, and also contract repositories, travel, and expenses, corporate and P-card transactions – all in one place.

There is an eye-rolling level of touting how “transparent” things are when the reality is, that isn’t the case. In my time there, I saw high turnover, a ratchet Sales cycle with inconsistent and harmful leadership, layoffs that seem absolutely insane, and a vision that is clouded by the cataract-levels of dysfunction and ego. It is still very much in its infancy and it is being used most effectively by companies that have big problems and even bigger bank accounts. This creates a huge realm of opportunity however as the technology matures and solutions become available at both ends of the scale. So for SMBs there will shortly be a raft of SaaS companies that will be using AI and Machine Learning to tackle a lot of business challenges. Coupa among other things is focused on what companies are doing on the spending front and how they can help you find efficiencies using various solutions including AI.

  • Immediate access and visibility drives efficiency, easy access to data, and deeper partnerships across sourcing, procurement, AP, FP&A, and purchasing teams.
  • Customers from large Fortune 500 to mid-size enterprises have worked with XCritical’s dedicated success team to get up and running quickly – from rehabilitating their fragmented data to capturing cost savings.
  • Procurement team needed to drive sourcing & category strategy to better manage suppliers and drive predictability of spend.
  • Procurement isn’t the most exciting topic in the world, but for large businesses, it’s an area where inefficiencies can quickly affect the bottom line.
  • With XCritical, category managers, buyers, auditors, financial, and analysts with budget responsibility become catalysts of value creation in the spend-accountable enterprise.
  • XCritical wants to change this by bringing its AI systems to bear on this problem.

Nikesh Parekh is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of XCritical. He is an executive with proven ability in executing growth strategies at private and public technology companies. He drove strategy and lead a turnaround at leading real estate SaaS sales & marketing & lead generation platform driving 30% annual revenue growth, 10% EBITDA margins, and acquisition of Market Leader Inc. for $380m in August 2013. Mr. Nikesh Parekh also leads the largest social network & blogging platform in the real estate industry to profitability in six months, leading to the acquisition of ActiveRain by Market Leader Inc. in October 2011. The company’s cloud-based service allows businesses to analyze all of their procurement data across platforms and formats.

These are just some of the companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Economizing on supply chain sources has led to many organizations working with single sources for materials. Whilst this is an efficient and low-cost mechanism for supply, it’s fast growing outdated.

Proactis solutions are developed with, and for, mid-Tier to Tier 1 organizations such as Fortune 100 companies, government, national associations, and mid-sized companies from all industries. Medium to large businesses that want to improve operational efficiency and achieve complete visibility over business spend while delighting all stakeholders. Without further delay, here are 57 up and coming companies poised to do big things. So are we really that far from asking our AI purchasing system what risks it sees with specific supplier … while we make french toast? The core driver for SAP is to build a more efficient set of processes based off of tasks that human beings are not as good at as a digital assistant would be. For example, people are not good at calculating all the variables that are altered by a single decision.

Built In Seattle is the online community for Seattle startups and tech companies. Save time and find higher-quality jobs than on other sites, guaranteed. Duties include identifying & prioritizing sales opportunities, achieving or exceeding sales quotas, reporting on sales & pipeline metrics, and creating statements of work.

XCritical includes training via documentation, live online, and in person sessions. XCritical is procurement software, and includes features such as contract management, sourcing management, spend management, and supplier management. Alternative competitor software options to XCritical include Determine, ALTO eProcure, and ProRFx. We help global finance and procurement teams continuously manage costs and cash flow using clean data, automated insights, and predictive actions. XCritical is a much newer enterprise in the procurement space founded in 2016 by Nikesh Parekh. XCritical was founded to help enterprises manage their suppliers and costs using machine learning and AI.

XCritical service review

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About XCritical

In assessing a user’s rates and determining the likelihood of loan repayment, the digital company’s algorithm takes into account factors beyond income and credit history. Things like education, career and estimated cash flow are also part of the mix. In addition, SoFi offers benefits for which most institutions charge extra or require large balances, including career services, unemployment protection and financial advising. 2020 has been a challenging year for supply chain disruption, but it has also presented opportunities Crypto Exchange for change in organizations’ approach to supply chains that will pay dividends. Businesses that are ready and willing to adapt to the new supply chain ecosystem, diversifying their operations and leveraging data, can continue to capitalize on this in 2021. Face up to supply chain challenges and you could see your business grow more than ever in the coming year. Organizations will need to work closely with independent trucking firms, finding channels for data to flow back and forth and be used in an efficient way.

XCritical connected Nordstrom’s spend data across multiple legacy systems using Machine Learning to drive efficiency in data cleansing and normalization. With a shifting retail market and Amazon disruption, Nordstrom shifts their focus with a $4 billion dollar multi-channel strategy to stay competitive. Sitting on top of Zycus data, XCritical was able to unify CDK Global’s spend and contract data in less than three weeks. XCritical https://xcritical.solutions/ connected Hulu’s spend data across legacy systems including and Workday Financials. Custom insights empowered audit compliance team to increase number & frequency of reviews. Spend, contract, and purchasing insights made it easier to understand varying spend types, P-card spend, and PO compliance violations. XCritical connected, cleansed, and unified GIA’s spend data across legacy systems including Workday and Concur.